01 /13 2011


Make a profit with a sponsor banner.
Add a sponsor banner requested by a company and you will be able to make a profit just by displaying it on your web page. This is called a 'banner ad.' A banner acquired on an affiliate site can be displayed too. An SNS administrator can place an ad on his/her SNS for the purpose of making a profit. Ads can be placed in the center or in a side bar.

Sponsor banner display
Here is how to paste a banner.
Log in to the owner management page. Go to the 'Sponsor Management' > 'Make a Sponsor Banner.' You'll see a page to make a sponsor banner. Enter a title, display position and banner HTML.

Choose a good title to show what kind of ad it is. The title will be shown in a list so that an administrator can edit it later. Other users in your SNS cannot see the title, so you should choose a simple and distinguishable title.

Display position
Choose either the center or side. If you choose the center, your ad will be shown in the middle after an entry is posted. And if you choose the side, it will be shown in the upper part of the right side bar.

Banner HTML
Paste an HTML tag for displaying a banner ad issued by an affiliate site or an advertiser. Click on the 'Check' button after entering required items. If everything looks OK, save the information to complete pasting.

Q. Can I change the ad in the SNS header?
A. It is displayed by FC2. We are sorry but you cannot change or remove it.

Ad Settings

Ad editing is available. Here are the steps. Log in to the 'Owner Management Page.' Go to the 'Sponsor Management' > 'Sponsor Banner List.' You will see a list of ads. Find an ad you want to edit and click on the hammer icon to go to its editing page. The editing page is just like an ad creation page. Save after editing.

*Check mark
Check the checkbox to show an ad. If you temporarily want to hide an ad, remove the check mark. Don't forget to click on the 'Show banner' button and save the new settings after changing them.

These are the titles you named for each ad.

*Display area
Shows the current display position of each ad.

*Editing (The hammer icon)
Click on it to edit an ad.

*Deletion (The X icon)
Click on this button to delete an ad


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